Why frozen is the new fresh

Why frozen is the new fresh

Freezing food is simply just nature's "pause button" and a natural way of preserving food without adding any preservatives or gasses.

What the industry regards as "fresh" or un-frozen meat is normally meat that needs to be sold within a couple of weeks of being butchered. Now I don't know how much you know about bacteria, but let me try to illustrate this to you. The "fresh" meat you are buying, hangs at an abattoir for a couple of days, then it is transported to your local butchery or supermarket in bulk where again it hangs for a couple of days, handled by a couple more people, until it's cut up and packed on the shelf where it sits again for a couple of days!

Now given the exponential growth rate at which bacteria grows, by this time it has affected the taste, nutrients, hygiene and smell of the meat! So in our view you simply can not beat the freshness of meat that has been vacuum packed within a couple of days after being butchered and then frozen, because freezing is the only way of slowing down the bacterial growth.

Don't take our word for it,  just put it to a smell test next time you open the packaging... if it doesn't smell fresh, it won't taste fresh either!




  • Lyn Turner

    Very interesting. It’s great to know these facts. Thank you.
    By the way, your meat is delicious.

  • Lorette Botha

    Vind due artikel oor ‘frozen’ baie interessant. Gaan verseker bestel. Woon un Somerset Wes.

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